Opened daily: 10:30 - 19:30
from 3.9. open until 21:30

cukrárna alchymistaThe Alchemist is a non-smoking, retro sweetshop & café & tea-room located in Letná, at 7/975 Jana Zajíce street, close to the Sparta stadium. >>> map

The Alchemist, a sweetshop, tearoom and café, is designed in a retro style, which takes inspiration from the period of the First Republic (1918 – 1939). It offers a pleasant atmosphere in a wood-faced space designed by architect Martin Stránský and realised by the company Kubert. A ceiling painting by Jan Kristofori, depicting the allegory of alchemy, dominates the space. This notable Czech artist dealt with the theme of alchemy in his other paintings and graphic works as well. Other decorations, alchemist distillation vessels inspired by the time of emperor Rudolf II, and tea sets in the alchemist style come from Veronika and Zbyšek Hrubý’s pottery studio. Pleasant music complements the ambience of the place. A daily offer of newspapers and magazines and fresh flowers from Jitka Kolmanová’s flower shop (Farského 1, Praha 7) also help to create the unique atmosphere . In autumn 2008 the Alchemist is going to celebrate ten years of its existence.

On account of growing demand and popularity with customers the Alchemist underwent a large reconstruction from March to May 2006, which was based on the owners’ designs and carried out by the company Tandler. The sweetshop was interconnected with the adjacent gallery Scarabeus, which has been exhibiting both Czech and foreign authors for 10 years ( As a result, the sweetshop’s guests can now also enjoy exhibitions in the gallery and the romantic garden located in the courtyard of the block of houses, which is a part of the gallery used for exterior artefacts. A part of the garden with a small fish pond is designed for the Alchemist’s guests to sit and enjoy the culinary treats. This unique garden is often referred to by the customers an oasis in the heart of the city. The gallery, sweetshop and garden were established by the artist Kateřina Ebelová, Ph.D. In the past five years her daughter, MA Patricie Ebelová, has been running the Alchemist and started organising not only confectionery culinary events, but also cultural and social events. As the Alchemist is located between two beautiful parks, Stromovka and Letenské sady, which serve as places of frequent strolls and walks, we welcome dogs as our guests as well (however, we kindly ask that their owners keep them on lead).